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Traditional Wellness Worker

What is a Traditional Wellness Worker?

The primary purpose of a Traditional Wellness Worker is to provide or facilitate access to teachings, ceremonies, and traditional knowledge and wellness ‘tools’ for their clients.

Activities that a Traditional Wellness Worker may perform include, but are not limited to:

  • Assessing clients’ holistic needs
  • Gathering traditional medicines
  • Arranging healing circles
  • Facilitating access to Elders
  • Educating clients about traditional medicines (incl. food) that can support their health and wellbeing

In certain workplaces, Traditional Wellness Workers may also have a role in educating their colleagues about Indigenous approaches to health and cultural safety, as well as act as an advocate for Indigenous clients.

Many Traditional Wellness Worker job descriptions include requirements that candidates be comfortable doing program development and management-related tasks. This might include developing workplans, budgeting, and completing reports.

Alberta Health Services

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Schooling Entry Requirements



Traditional Wellness Worker job advertisements heavily-emphasize the importance of cultural knowledge, language knowledge, connection to the community, and lived experience.

Formal education requirements vary by employer and are typically based off of the environment you will be working in. For example, a Traditional Wellness Worker working in a hospital setting might be a nurse, whereas a Traditional Wellness Worker working in a community health setting may not be required to have a clinical background.





Schooling Options


Professional Requirements

A successful vulnerable sector police check is required for any position working with patients, youth, seniors, and other ‘vulnerable’ groups.

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