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The Indigenous Diabetes Health Circle is currently accepting applications for an Elder Helper, one day a week, at the IDHC head office in Thorold.

The primary responsibility of this position is to assist Elders and Indigenous Practitioners with client appointments on Wellness Wednesdays.


Established and proven record as a dependable and competent person 

Co-operative, conscientious, and reliable 

Knowledge of Indigenous communities and culture

Responsibilities and Duties: 

Review scheduled client appointments for the day 

Usher clients into their scheduled one on one sessions with the Elder or Practitioner 

Monitor the appointments to ensure they stay on schedule 

Ensure Elder/Practitioner has what they need for scheduled appointments, including proper rest time between appointments and during lunch hour 

Assist in office clean up and organization when necessary 

Act as a resource and team player when needed and perform other duties and responsibilities designated by the Program Director

Standards of Performance:
Support and work toward the IDHC’s overall mission whilst respecting the IDHC’s values;  Adhere to all policies and procedures;  Maintains the IDHC’s Code of Confidentiality;  Work collaboratively with others as a team member and addresses conflicts in a positive and open manner;  Completion of duties as outlines in job description;  Responsible to model and reflect a healthy and positive attitude when interacting with community and staff.

Working Hours: Wednesdays 10am – 4pm

Accountability: The Elder Helper will be employed by the IDHC, responsible to the policies and directions as determined by the Board of Directors and under the direct supervision of the Program Director.

Location: 3250 Schmon Parkway Unit 1B Thorold, ON L2A 2K9 Employment Period: To begin immediately until March 25th, 2020

Applicants are asked to submit a letter of intent to the attention of:
Amanda Lipinski 3250 Schmon Parkway Unit 1B Thorold, ON L2V 4Y6 1-888-514-1370

Email: programdirector@idhc.life

Fax: 1-888-352-0485 www.idhc.life Accepting applications until September 6, 2019