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What we do:

Live Different exists to engage and empower youth in a lifestyle of compassion and service.  When you partner with us as an intern, you will travel to schools in Canada as part of our road teams, taking an active role in our school presentations, inspiring Canadian students with hope and purpose.

Our goal is life change.  Every day we give our hearts to students through sharing our lives and our stories.  For us, creating meaningful connections with students is everything. Each year, our teams meet face-to-face with 100,000+ students across Canada.

What interns get to do:

As an intern, you get to make a massive impact. Over the course of a semester, you will be able to authentically impact thousands of students through our programming.

Make meaningful connections. Everyday you will meet and share experiences with incredible students, teachers, billets and team members.

See this beautiful country. Each year we travel from Newfoundland to Vancouver and everywhere in between. There is literally no better way to experience Canada.

Be part of something bigger than yourself. Traveling with Live Different will undoubtedly satisfy your desire to live a meaningful life and make a lasting difference in the world.

Touring with Live Different is an amazing and inspiring experience. There is nothing quite like being an intern on the road!

It’s important to be clear that the experience is so rewarding because of what we ask interns to invest. We ask a lot of our interns because they have the responsibility of carrying the heart of Live Different wherever they go. Great investment equals great reward.

Below are all the details in what the day-to-day looks like. Be sure to read through them and ask any questions you may have.

What joining a Live Different Indigenous Program internship looks like:

Interns are brought on for a four-month term, typically running 16-18 weeks. The Fall tour goes from mid-August to mid-December and the Spring tour from mid-January to the end of May. We invest a lot into each intern and as a result, we’re only able to work with people who can commit to a full term.

Our Indigenous team travels from our home base in Hamilton, ON as far as Northern B.C., typically spending two full days in each school, delivering our youth empowerment programming. Once trained, the team will hit the road and won’t return to home base until the end of the term.

Our teams travel in vans/modified buses, pulling trailers with our stage equipment. Only licensed and trained team members will be asked to help with driving duties.

When away from our accommodations in Hamilton, Live Different will provide team members with up to three meals a day. When food is not provided by billets or schools, the meal budget provided will be $8 for breakfast, $10 for lunch and $12 for supper for each team member. PitaPit, Subway, Tim Hortons, and grocery stores are some of our regular food stops, though it varies depending on the preferences of each team.

Team members are responsible for their own meals when staying in our Hamilton accommodations and must be prepared to purchase up to 5 – 7 weeks worth of groceries at their own expense. Tour schedules and length of time based locally varies from semester to semester, but Live Different will help stock our apartment with basic food staples when a team is local for a longer stretch.

Our road team often stays in schools and teacherages, but sometimes has the opportunity to stay in hotels or be billeted out with friends of Live Different, when travelling through less remote areas.

When training and performing locally, team members will stay in a large, fully furnished dorm-style apartment in Hamilton.

You will be traveling under the banner of Live Different, and your behaviour will be expected to fit with the values of our organization. All team members commit to abiding by Live Different’s Road Team Code of Conduct.

Some interns will have the opportunity to share a personal life story from the stage during our hour long school presentation. Though every story is unique, the goal of each story is to leave students with compelling messages of hope, resilience, and responsibility. Live Different staff will help develop these stories in the scripting and delivery to find which stories will best compliment our year’s show theme. Don’t stress out about this; we don’t call on every person to talk, and we are sensitive to those who are not comfortable sharing.

Interns are expected to help facilitate all aspects of programming and have a caring attitude towards the students when working with them. Our two-day programming consists of a one-hour motivational presentation, sharing circles, workshops, group games, activities, and a community event.

Because we are constantly working with/around minors, we require each member of our teams to have a criminal record check done and submitted to our office.


Interns Role and Responsibilities:

Each intern will be given oversight and responsibilities over different aspects of tour life. These responsibilities will vary as we identify interest and abilities.

Interns help out in all sorts of ways, from packing and unpacking the tour vehicles, setting up and tearing down the A/V equipment, participating in our school programming (sharing circles, workshops, community events) and even possibly speaking in the presentation to helping with cleaning at a teacherage and driving the tour vehicle (if licenced to do so).

Other responsibilities may include:

motivational speaking in daily presentations

leading youth empowerment workshops

blogging and social media creation

taking an interest in and talking to students in between programming

communicate with and book billets, maintain database with correct contact info

record presentation reports in a timely fashion

assist with team finances

assisting with driving for our cross-country tour

vehicle maintenance, inspections, preventative and on the spot maintenance

travel scheduling and mapping

packing and security of road gear

ensuring the proper operation and maintenance of A/V equipment

scouting power requirements for venues

performing sound check

ensure proper care of equipment during packing and loading

Identifying need for repairs and ordering replacements in a timely fashion

performing live music daily


All Expenses are paid for the duration of the placement including food, accommodation and travel a total value of approximately $3000 per semester.

Additionally we would be willing to provide $1200- $3400 volunteer stipend (depending on applicable experience) to each intern which will be released in increments over the duration of the semester.