The Everlasting Tree School – CUSTODIAN position


As with all staff at Skaronhyase’kó:wa The Everlasting Tree School, the Custodian is responsible to demonstrate a high level of professional accountability including the ability to self-govern and self-direct. Guidance and support for the Custodian will be provided by the Administrative Chair.


Ontario Secondary School Diploma or equivalent
Minimum Novice as outlined in ACTFL Rating Scale in Kanyen’kéha is preferred
WHMIS certificate preferred
Commitment to learning about Waldorf education
Strong communication and interpersonal skills; willingness to address issues directly in a peaceful manner
Professionalism and accountability
Acceptable Police Record Check including a Vulnerable Sector Search
Commitment to self-care and personal development
Role Description

The role of the Custodian is to provide a service to the school that will keep the internal and external appearance of our school esthetically pleasing, functional, and safe. We value cleanliness and organization as necessary to support the development of safety and security in the children. The external and internal function and appearance of a building reflects on our school. It is important for the Custodian to be careful and thorough.


Daily cleaning and disinfecting of commonly touched surfaces (twice through the day and once at the end)
Ensure spaces are prepared for the next day by taking out trash, tidying furniture and dusting surfaces
Sweep and mop tile floors
Buff tile floors at least once per month
Vacuum carpets and mats
Steam clean carpets seasonally
Wash windows, vertical blinds and walls
wipe and disinfect furniture such as desks, tables, file cabinets, shelves, etc. in classrooms, hallways and/or staff rooms weekly or more frequently as required by COVID protocols
Restock disposables (i.e., soap, towels, toilet paper, hand sanitizer)
Ensure garbage and recycling removal
Empty waste baskets, pencil sharpeners and waste receptacles
Disinfect waste receptacles
Maintain an adequate supply of cleaning materials and janitorial supplies
Store cleaning chemicals safely and in proper areas
Clean chalk board ledges weekly
Clean and disinfect washrooms, including sinks, urinals, toilets, drinking fountains, mirrors and dispensers daily
Refill paper towel and toilet paper dispensers as required
Refill soap dispensers at sinks for handwashing as required
and ensure it is operational
Keep storage and custodian rooms neat and tidy

Building Security & Maintenance

Opening and closing the school on each school day at a pre-approved time
Secure facilities after operating hours by locking doors and closing windows
Ensure that all exit doors, including emergency exit doors open properly and are kept clear.
Report malfunctions to the facilities manager immediately
Check all exterior, interior and exit lighting by visual inspection and report to the facilities manager as required
Perform maintenance and minor repairs (replacing broken switches, fixing door handles, etc.)
Shovel snow, remove ice from sidewalks, steps, entranceways, by placing salt/sand mixtures, as
Undertake occasional tasks such as lifting heavy items, moving chairs etc.
Setting up rooms for events and workshops
Implement seasonal cleaning and maintenance plan
Perform other related duties as required by the Administration or Facilities Manager such as transporting supplies or moving furniture
Responsible for all custodial supplies, and tools

Grounds Maintenance

Patrol outside areas and pick up any debris
Planting flowers and shrubs to beautify the outdoor space
Care for plants (watering, weeding)
Lawn care – mowing lawn, weed-eating
Assist Tyonnhehkwen Coordinator with produce and medicinal gardens, plants, and trees as well as possible small livestock
Keeping sidewalks clear of debris
Cleaning entrances

Construction & Improvement Projects

Construction projects that improve the indoor and outdoor learning spaces, play spaces, event spaces, and forest trails
Construction projects that support homesteading plans
Research and create an improvement plan that includes self-sustaining infrastructure for yurts, forest classrooms, and outdoor kitchen
Interior and exterior painting
Lead with class building projects
Lead school improvement construction projects
Planning and Coordinating

Ordering to replenish supplies
Develop an annual plan for cleaning and maintenance with a seasonal rhythm
Collaborate with teachers to create a scope and sequence of class building projects
Work with admin and teachers to plan the summer improvement building projects
Determine summer projects appropriate for “Building Week” (Summer)
Collaborate with the Tyonnhehkwen Coordinator to develop an annual homesteading plan
Annual Review

An Annual Review process will be completed with all staff at The Everlasting Tree School. The goal of the Annual Review is to provide employees with support and guidance to achieve personal and professional goals and to encourage performance excellence while meeting expectations. For new staff the process will begin with 3 monthly check-ins to support a successful transition into the school culture and comfort in a new role. Gaps in skills and/or knowledge will also be addressed by providing the necessary resources for improvement. The annual process will include self-reflection and peer feedback. Mentors may also be brought in to provide feedback and support. Goals will address on-going improvement of Language proficiency, Productivity/Work Skills, Self-Care, Inner/Spiritual Work, and Pedagogy (study of child development from Rotinonsyonni and Anthroposophical perspectives).

Mandatory Training

It is the responsibility of the school administration to arrange the following training sessions:

First Aid/CPR training
Focused Intention Technique (FIT) Certification
Workplace Violence and Harassment Training
Healthy Workplace
Safe Food Handling Certification
Designated PD Days
Personal Development

All staff are required to have a commitment to self-care and personal development with an understanding of the importance of a healthy balance in mind, body, and spirit. Goals will be set as a part of the Annual Review.

All staff will:

Share and implement relevant wellness concepts and strategies (i.e. FIT)
Recognize that we create our own reality, and that others are a reflection of ourselves
Exercise self-responsibility

Additional Training

Through the Annual Review process additional training may be identified for the individual to meet their personal and professional goals or to address areas of improvement. When possible, the school may be able to provide financial support for attendance and participation. A request must be made prior to the event via email to the Faculty Chair.


As an immersion school all staff will converse in Kanyen’keha as much as possible, with each other and specifically with the children. Conversation around the children should be limited to topics that are relevant and appropriate for the children.


To Apply:

Send a cover letter, resume, and a list of 3 professional references to

Application Deadline: November 10th, or until filled.