Karontó:ton Educational Assistant

Skaronhyase’ko:wa The Everlasting Tree School is actively seeking a Classroom Educational Assistant.
Karont:ton Educational Assistant Duties and Responsibilities

Language Support

Language Support as described in the Faculty Job Description will occur throughout the day and is particularly important during Main Lesson stories and activities in the Karontó:ton program.

Work with the Children

Share the responsibility of the classroom and children with the Teacher.
Provide 1-1 support to specific children as needed.
Create and facilitate a total immersion environment; Use English only if necessary, to ensure the safety of the children.
Provide input to class planning as well as assist with the implementation.
Keep a daily journal of observational notes of students.
Attend and support Seasonal Check-Ins with families.
Assist the Teacher to complete a written year-end report for each student through sharing of observations.
Assist the children with moving through the daily, weekly, monthly, and yearly rhythms for the class.
Carry out meaningful work throughout the day, presenting the children with a model worthy of imitation.
Prep work for snacks and meals daily as part of the Tyonnhehkwen Onkwaya’takenhatshera (nutrition program).
Assist with Special Projects: Birthday, ceremonies, festivals, etc.
Assist with class record keeping and complete as necessary: attendance, incident reports, documentation of observations and concerns, conversations with caregivers, etc.
Communicate supply needs at class meetings to be submitted to the Administration one month prior to when they are needed.
Be familiar with the school’s Emergency and Evacuation Plan and follow through when needed.

Work with the Families

Build positive and healthy relationships with all children and their families.
Assist with maintaining consistent and positive communication with families.
Support the assessment of each child’s development through sharing of observational notes including the mind, body and spirit. This will be reported to families through seasonal check-in appointments by the Teacher.
Be approachable and supportive.
Role Model school philosophy and pedagogy including expectations and guidelines
Be a support for language learning. Encourage families to use Kanyen’keha as much as possible.
Nutrition Program – regularly send reminders to families to sign up to provide soup broth.
Work together with staff and families to carry out Special Events, Fundraisers, and Seasonal Festivals

Parent and Community Engagement

Participate in the planning and hosting of 3-4 parent evenings or workshops per year for your class.
Open Houses: all staff are required to participate as needed.
Host the Opening and Closing Wampum Ceremonies with all faculty and staff.
Participate in all school events and workshops.
Participate in Bi-Annual General Meetings.

Teacher Admin Support

Provide input for the development of Long-Range Plans
Provide input to Lesson Block/Monthly Plans and Weekly Rhythms
Assist with the documentation of the year’s curriculum including work samples (i.e. taking pictures of work samples, collecting and labelling for each block, etc.)
Provide observational notes to be used in Seasonal check-in progress
Support the Teacher to complete written End of Year Student Reports and submit by the designated deadline (i.e. set up the template, retrieve comments from subject teachers, etc.)
Gather and or submit articles for parent education.
Maintaining and updating communication with families
Newsletter or “Updates” email
Class website
Google Classroom
Draft letters to families (Teacher to complete) as needed
Note Taking (meetings with families, faculty meetings as requested by the Chair)
Class Trip Planning
Permission forms (writing, sending, collecting)
Communication to families (with assistance from Teacher)
Planning (could be leading or with a small committee)
Sign Ups
Promotion (including reminders)
Food prep
Set up and clean up

If you feel you are ready to join our Team, please send resume and references to info@everlastingtree.org

Applications are accepted up until January 10th, 2022 (or until filled)