Program Objective

To provide mandatory protective services training to clients to become licensed security guards in the Province of Ontario.


GardaWorld is the largest security company in Canada and is currently looking to recruit, train, and hire candidates just like you. As one of NPAAMB’s champion employer partners, specializing in protective services, airport security, and armored trucking, customized GardaWorld training can start you on your path toward a rewarding career.

In Ontario, the security guard license issued by Service Ontario is mandatory for every person wishing to work as a security guard. Prior to applying for this license, you must successfully complete a minimum 40-hour basic security guard training program recognized by the Ministry of Community Safety and Correctional Services.

NPAAMB’s protective services training program goes above and beyond those requirements. The program provides the standard 40-hours of basic training, plus 40 extra hours of specialized protective services training, combined with an additional 60 hours of pre-employment job readiness training, totalling 140 hours of training. All of which making participants well equip to succeed in the industry and obtain employment upon the completion of the program.

Upon the completion of this training, participants will understand:

  • Role and tasks of a security guard
  • Customer service and professionalism
  • Different types of communication
  • Patrolling procedures
  • Alarm systems
  • Legal aspects of a security guard’s responsibilities
  • Fire prevention and emergency procedures
  • Use of force
  • Access control
  • First aid & CPR training
  • Baton & handcuffing
  • PPCT (Pressure Point Control Tactics) Course
  • NCVI (Nonviolent Crisis Intervention Training)

*All successful candidates may be hired on at one of GardWorld Security’s locations upon completion. Must be willing to relocate for employment.

Program Cost

Up to 100% funding of tuition and materials are provided by NPAAMB. In addition, NPAAMB will cover application fees for a criminal record check and Ontario Security Guard test as well as Canadian Restricted Firearms Safety Course (CRFSC) test.

Am I Eligible?

  1. Meet minimum NPAAMB eligibility requirements:
    1. A registered NPAAMB client (if you are not, contact your local YSO to schedule an intake appointment).
    2. Reside within one of the following catchment areas: Kitchener-Waterloo, Brantford, Hamilton, St. Catharines, or Fort Erie and Niagara Falls (proof of residency may be required).
    3. Self-identify as an Aboriginal person (status/non-status First Nation, Inuit, or Metis).
    4. 18 to 30 years of age at the time of intake/selection.
    5. Out of school, unemployed, or underemployed.
  2. Strong desire to learn, participate, and accomplish personal career goals
  3. If a previous NPAAMB client, must demonstrate successful completion of prior interventions provided by NPAAMB.
  4. Has not participated in NPAAMB group training within the last two years.
  5. Commitment to full attendance
  6. Demonstrate that you have researched labour market information about the security industry.
  7. G2 driver’s license is encouraged.
  8. High school diploma or equivalent
  9. Willingness to complete academic upgrading in math or English
  10. Willingness to relocate for employment after completion of the program
  11. Willingness to complete to complete essential skills assessment as part of the application process.

*Participants will be chosen based on a successful application and academic skills assessment and interview. 

How to Register

To register, please contact your regional Youth Service Officer and schedule your intake appointment.

  • 21-weeks ago, if you would have told me I would be starting my lifelong career while obtaining six welding tickets I would not have believed you. For someone who had never turned on a welding machine, let alone welded anything at all, that says a lot about the program that was offered to me. From the teaching and instructing offered by T.T.A. to the moral and financial support offered by NPAAMB and our Youth Service Officer's, it was one of the greatest experiences of my life. It was also a life-changing experience. I am now currently in my ninth week with Link Line LTD., hired on full-time, making a phenomenal income, living a happy comfortable life.

    I have recently been approved for a line of credit through the bank, and am making plans to be living in a new house to call my own by the new year. All of this within less than a year of completing the pre-apprenticeship program. I wish to extend my gratitude and thanks again to each and every one of you that was involved, from our instructor Claudio who taught me more than I could ever imagine, to the rest of the NPAAMB staff for the countless hours you put toward my success, and everyone in the background, thank you again. It was a pleasure and great honour to be involved in such an excellent program!


    Jace Snowden

  • I would like to take time to say thank you to NPAAMB for helping me achieve a lifelong goal of mine of becoming a Police Officer. In August 2012 I received an offer of employment from the Hamilton Police Service, one of the conditions of my offer was I had to attend and successfully complete the Basic Constable Training Program at the Ontario Police College. There was only one problem, the course was $7,500 and had to be paid by myself prior to attending the course in September and I did not have the funds. I learned from a friend about NPAAMB, I went online and completed the required documents to apply for funding. This is when I met Mary Jamieson, I explained my situation to Mary and she immediately said she would love to help me achieve my lifelong goal. NPAAMB approved my funding; I attended and graduated from the Ontario Police College. Not having to worry about taking out personal loans and having to pay the funds back really helped me on focusing to complete the required training to become a Police Officer. I have been working as a Police Officer for almost one year now and I truly enjoy helping people with their problems. I will forever be grateful to Mary and NPAAMB for their generosity. It is great to know this program is out there changing lives for the better like it did for me.

    Rob Monteforte