Millwrights maintain and repair stationary industrial machinery, equipment and systems and are often involved with installing, maintaining, repairing and removing equipment. Millwrights also perform routine maintenance activities, such as cleaning and lubricating equipment, adjusting valves and seals, and investigating breakdowns.

Program Supports

  • Accommodations (for out-of-town clients’ ONLY)
  • Mileage (based on NPAAMB policy and individual assessment)
  • Bus Pass (for local travel) • PPE (Safety equipment)
  • Earn up to $300 a week.
  • * NPAAMB Training Supports Available (will be reviewed on a individual basis).

Am I Eligible?

  1. Senior level high school, or equivalent (is encouraged).
  2. Meet minimum NPAAMB requirements:
    1. Registered NPAAMB client;
    2. Resides in one of the following urban centres:
      1. Brantford, ON.
      2. Fort Erie, ON.
      3. Hamilton, ON.
      4. Kitchener/Waterloo, ON.
      5. Niagara Falls, ON.
      6. St. Catharines, ON.
    3. Self-identified as an Aboriginal person: (Status/Non-status First Nations, Métis and Inuit);
    4. Between ages of 18 and 30; 3)
  3. Out of school/unemployed and/or underemployed;
  4. Ontario driver’s license (is encouraged).
  5. Willingness to participate actively in math upgrading.
  6. Commitment to full attendance and conduct expectations.
  7. Demonstration that you have researched millwright as a career.