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Program Overview

Our Skills Development Training Program financially assists eligible clients to obtain professional certification training that is less than one year in duration. Register with NPAAMB and apply to have course fees for your skills development training covered by us. From a Heavy Machine Operator to a Pharmacy Technician, if you have the desire to achieve than NPAAMB has the tools to help you succeed!

Training programs accepted by SDTP include but are not limited to:

  • Pre-employment/job readiness skills training such as; customer service, computer software, food handling, financial literacy, etc.
  • Industry specific skills training without without accreditation such as heavy equipment training, database training, Microsoft Office Suite, health and safety, etc.

*If the SDTP training is without accreditation, there must be a clearly defined link to the client’s action plan and any subsequent training plans.


  1. To meet minimum NPAAMB eligibility requirements you must be:
    1. A registered NPAAMB client (if you are not, contact your local YSO to schedule an intake appointment).
    2. Reside within one of the following catchment areas: Kitchener-Waterloo, Brantford, Hamilton, St. Catharines, or Fort Erie and Niagara Falls (proof of residency may be required).
    3. Self-identify as an Aboriginal person (status/non-status First Nation, Inuit, or Metis).
    4. 15 to 30 years of age at the time of intake/selection.
    5. Out of school, unemployed, or underemployed.
  2. A desire to learn, participate, and accomplish personal career goals.
  3. If employed, must demonstrate that SDTP funding will help to retain job and or be linked to upward mobility in your current employment position (such as driver’s license upgrading, etc.)
  4. If a previous NPAAMB client, must demonstrate successful completion of prior interventions provided by NPAAMB.
  5. Must not have received NPAAMB occupational skills training in the last year. If so, then skills training must support the extension or enhancement of an existing action plan.

Program Partners

This program is proudly sponsored by Government of Canada

Program Details

Starts October 30, 2018
Duration Maximum length of the Skills Development Training Program (SDTP) is typically 12 weeks, and up to 52 weeks in rare circumstances (i.e. post grad certificate) and based on availability of funding.
Cost Up to 100% of funding provided by NPAAMB
Program Supports
  • Full or partial course fees
  • Books
  • Equipment
  • Transportation and childcare may also be provided

How to Apply

To register, please contact your regional Youth Service Officer to be included in our ongoing inventory of applicants.

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